How do I install the SwiftModders WHMCS Theme Installer?

Notice: To install and customize any of the SwiftModders WHMCS Themes, you must install the SwiftModders WHMCS Theme Installer.

1. Download the latest version of the Theme Installer

Log into your account using the credentials you set up during checkout. Navigate to “My Services ” > “Downloads” and select one of your active theme purchases. Once loaded, you can click on the Theme Installer download link.

If you’re unable to download any files, this is because you’re either using a developer’s license or you have an expired license. If you believe this is in error, please open a support ticket.

2. Unzip the download to your local machine

After downloading the Theme Installer, you will need to unzip the files compressed onto your local machine. You can use many different tools to handle this, and both Windows and Macs have built-in uncompression tools. My preference for Windows machines would WinRAR, but you’re free to use the tool you feel most comfortable with.

For more information on how to unzip a file, please read this tutorial on WikiHow.

3. Upload the files to your WHMCS installation

Once your ZIP file has been extracted, you can upload the module files to your WHMCS installation. The best way to do this would be to use your favorite FTP program. I use SmartFTP and FileZilla regularly handle my FTP uploads, but more modern control panels like cPanel and DirectAdmin have File Managers available.

In the Theme Installer folder, look for the “upload” folder. Upload the contents of the “upload” directory, not the folder itself, to the root directory of your WHMCS installation (only the contents of the “upload” directory). This will add the necessary module files into the appropriate folders so that WHMCS will recognize a new module is available for activation.

4. Activate the Theme Installer module

Notice: Activating this module will alter the MySQL database for your WHMCS installation. It is recommended that you perform a full backup of your installation BEFORE attempting to activate the module to prevent data loss or corruption.

Once your upload completes, you can head to the admin portal of your WHMCS installation. After logging in, you will need to navigate to “Setup” > “Addon Module.” Scroll down, locate the “SwiftModders WHMCS Theme Installer” module, and click on the “Activate” button to begin the installation process.

Notice: If you do not see the module listed on this page, you have not uploaded the Theme Installer files to the proper folders. Please remember that the Theme Installer is a separate download and is not include in your theme download. When you go to the “Downloads” section of your license page, be sure to download the ZIP file called “SwiftModders WHMCS Theme Installer” first.

When the installation is complete, you will see a message stating it has been completed successfully. If you are presented with an error, please copy the error message and open a ticket with your details.

5. Configure your Theme Installer module

You should still be on the Addon Modules page and now be presented with an accessible “Configure” button next to the “SwiftModders WHMCS Theme Installer” module. Next, you will be presented with “Access Control” options that will allow you to select the Administrator Roles that have access to this module. Finally, select the roles you feel comfortable with and click “Save Changes.”

You should now have access to the Theme Installer module! From here, you can handle installing specific SwiftModders WHMCS Themes and migrating your settings.

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